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Monitor Calibration

Monitor Calibration
For Optimal Image representation, Click here to visit the V I Imagery Monitor Calibration Page.

The tips on this page will only take a few minutes, and will assist you in adjusting your monitor for the best internet viewing of this and other sites.

Please note* the following tips are purely subjective and in no way should they be considered to be a replacement for professional calibration equipment or services, but are presented as a guideline to better enhance the rich colors, deep tones, and fine details that are associated with much of our artwork.

Our site was design to be viewed using the following settings.

Resolution  -  1024 X 768

Color Depth  -  32 bit or 16 mil colors or True Color

Gamma Setting  -  2.0 or 2.2

While the above settings are not required, your viewing experience may be greatly enhanced by making some minor adjustments.


Color Depth

Color depth is the number of colors your graphics card and monitor are capable of displaying. If your monitor is properly set, the top band will display a smooth transition from color to color without banding or speckling like the two lower bands. If this is not the case, or if all three bands appear the same, you will need to increase the number of colors that your monitor displays. Generally, you will find this setting in the "Control Panel" of your software.




Contrast and Brightness

Adjust the Contrast and Brightness levels on your monitor to maximum. In most cases you will leave the contrast setting on maximum and not change it again.

White Level Adjustment:

You should be able to distinguish a slight difference between all four white point levels. If they appear the same, turn down the contrast until all four swatches are identifiable.
Note* do not adjust the brightness for white levels.


Black Level Adjustment:

Reduce the brightness until the 0% swatch looks black and is barely distinguishable from the 10% swatch. For reference, the dark area around the swatches is not black. Note* do not adjust the contrast for black levels.


Color Balance

While this calibration is mostly subjective, in the two images below each square represents a standard web color. If any of the colors do not appear accurate, you should adjust you monitor's color / tint settings (See the manufacturers documentation if you need assistance).

In the square below, the upper left quadrant represents pure black and the lower right quadrant represents pure white. The two remaining quadrants should be neutral gray.

Note* If you notice a pinkish or bluish tint to any of the swatches that does not belong, adjust your monitors temperature setting (again, see the manufacturer's documentation if you need assistance).


Gamma Setting

** Unless you are VERY serious about calibrating your monitor, there is no reason to adjust your monitor's gamma setting.**

You must use software to adjust your monitors gamma settings. Looking at the graphic below at a distance of about ten feet, judge which swatch appears to blend most with the surrounding background. The number associated with it is your monitors gamma setting. It should be around 2.2. If this is not the case, and if you wish to make gamma adjustments, we recommend consulting your system documentation or seeking professional assistance.


For most people this is all that needs to be done to better enjoy your display.

The text box you are viewing should appear as a dark gray background with bold white text, while the rest of the page should appear as dimensional shades of gray and black.

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